How about the cost of investment Yuesao industry


How about the cost of investment Yuesao industry

The conditions of modern life

is superior, attaches great importance to the infant, to high-quality services have a strong demand. Yuesao service market thus flourished, and caused the great attention of investors. How much cost Yuesao industry investment, need probably, with these questions the following contents.

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Overview of

currently Yuesao demand of about 6 million people, and in the next 5 years, with the increasing of newborn babies, Yuesao demand will increase. But the existing number less than 1/10 Yuesao can only meet the demand, the number of large gap. In addition, Yuesao service market is not very standardized, more than 70% of the posts are not certified yuesao. High-quality Yuesao professional will become the development trend of the market.

mode of operation: the establishment of overseas Yuesao service center, the recruitment of professional skills or join People's Republic of China Yuesao; the Ministry of labor and social security has developed training qualified company yuesao. Entrepreneurship is not difficult, the business sector has the business information you need and entrepreneurial guidance.

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