How to find a partner in the dry cleaning shop


How to find a partner in the dry cleaning shop

is now a lot of young people want to partner with entrepreneurship, because the partnership can solve the problem of capital turnover is not open, but also to solve the problem of insufficient manpower. Dry cleaning to join the market fiery, many people want to open a dry cleaning franchise stores, looking for a partner, we should pay attention to the following points.

1. seeks advice from former partner of prospective partner. When you are looking for a business partner, you should consult his former partner's opinion of him. It is good to hear others speak of him.

2. review prospective partner past records. Do you know if he has any practical experience and professional training? Does he really know anything about it? He failed in the past, does not mean that he should be eliminated. An entrepreneur once said that he prefers to work with people who have failed. Because the lesson of bankruptcy is worth two years of reading in a first year college. However, to avoid those who blame people, making up excuses.

3. understand the target of prospective partners. At the beginning, your goals must be consistent, even if the future will gradually change, but the direction should be consistent.

4. investigates the lifestyle of prospective partners. Should meet his family, his attitude towards his wife may be his attitude towards the future partner. We must avoid the living standard and high income people over his partnership, when he make ends meet when he might take your money to turnover.


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