Business needs diligence


Business needs diligence

if you do anything in your daily life is a lazy attitude, such people are not suitable for business. After all, now the business competition is fierce, "hard work" has become a guarantee of business success. This idiom means "God helps those who help themselves" is: God favours hardworking people, efforts will be rewarded.

also shows that the opportunities are only favors the prepared mind, favors the diligent diligently strive after. The You reap what you sow., refers to such work at all times and in all countries. People live at home can not be separated from the "Qin" word. I think, the same, do business more inseparable from the "Qin" word.

There are two vegetables stalls next to

in a cell door, business scale, operating varieties and sales prices are basically the same, but there is a world of difference in popularity. A stall in front of customers continue to exchange, another booth before the customer very few. What is the reason for this situation? The author observed, look carefully, many customers around the booth, inside and outside the clean, location of vegetables stacked neatly.

in order to prevent the sun from the sun and dust, take the appropriate measures to prevent dust. Take the time to stall also cannot be used on the vegetable leaves removed, clean, moist and fresh vegetables favored by customers. Another stall stall but otherwise, keep messy wilting vegetables dozing. Under these circumstances, you think, there are also several customers are willing to buy such fresh food?

through the analysis, the above case I think, engage in business in the shop a "ground". A diligent brains. Brains to absorb new information, create a new method of service, so your store can follow fashion, run, or even create new trends, it is not easy to be eliminated by the rapid development of the times; two to be diligent to move your mouth. To wash and greet customers, not to the customer door blind not be neither hot nor cold.

cigarette sales, professional knowledge to teach the customer manager to promote the use of tobacco, the customer officer, such as code anti-counterfeit labels, cigarette flavor and other characteristics, and talk about the customer, solve concerns, allow customers to buy the rest assured. Three to be diligent hands, feet. Not only to be diligent to take care of their own style, but also try to create a good environment, good store. When the customer needs your service, your steps must be fast, not slow, dawdled, if to do so, can improve customer satisfaction, increase customer retention rates.

in the competition, as changing today, to grasp the "money" king. I think that doing business should not be the slightest lazy or lazy, must adhere to a "diligent" word. Because, "diligent" can make people have good ears and eyes, Qin wisdom, often add vitality, qinzeng benefits.


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