Determination and diligence let him start empty handed won tens of millions of assets


Determination and diligence let him start empty handed won tens of millions of assets

5 years ago, Du Wei rely on the network to promote this means to start a business. These 5 years, he broke from the start empty-handed, now the company annual sales of 10 million, has become a successful example of the Internet business. His weapon is determination and diligence.

these network promotion means, still many enterprises used Du Wei's operating practices is as follows: to establish an independent website for the product, and then use the technology to show it in Baidu search home page "sand", at the same time to the building net free B2B platform release product information. This is not a very complicated network promotion technology, until today, more than 90% of Du Wei's orders from the Internet, from the promotion of technology and programs.

2009 in August, Du Wei's life the most difficult period of time, suddenly a Korean inquiry to him through the network. Du learned later, the inquiry is the customer of Beijing, he went to South Korea to study, to help Korea Companies after graduation, Du Wei offer, South Korean customers to Shijiazhuang to see the factory and then decide whether to place.

"the order makes me excited for a long time, the list is not too big, equivalent to about fifty thousand yuan. Previously to help customers do promotion, until their own time, only to find that the Internet is really a good thing, especially in 2009, although the volume is very low, but a strong sense of achievement." Du Wei said. In the next few years, the Korean customer purchased two times a year, and they became friends.

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