How to do well the needs of environmental protection is haze tremble with fear


How to do well the needs of environmental protection is haze tremble with fear

since the haze began to get people's attention, many people have begun to realize that pollution is really terrible, even the basic breathing has become quite extravagant. Therefore, a variety of environmental knowledge has begun to become popular. Photovoltaic revolution conference, known as the Green University, the highest honor of the Beijing Forestry University held a grand.

"Beijing haze unbearable, hope that the promotion and use of new energy photovoltaic, can do a little contribution to the cause of environmental protection." At the end of last year, the state issued a lot of favorable policies on the photovoltaic industry, in the face of a large number of domestic PV modules overcapacity, the state began to vigorously support the construction of domestic photovoltaic power generation projects. Under the strong impetus of the policy, in 2015 China's photovoltaic power plant installed capacity will be more than 17.8GW, distributed power plants do not have an upper limit, which indicates that the photovoltaic industry is about to usher in a new spring. Zhang Xiang look for a piece of new energy photovoltaic market, parties in venture capital rounds of funding, the company also began to normal.

"solar revolution from a dream, two sticks, and three to do." Zhang Xiang talking about the concept of the brand, especially for reporters to sum up. Photovoltaic source in a green revolution, "dream", a dome can mask off a breath of fresh air, enjoy the blue sky dream; from the two "stick", one is to build China best quality, the longest life expectancy of two is to build a power station power station, to China the highest transformation efficiency three; a "to do", to do the most responsible environmental brand China, Chinese to do the most popular youth environmental protection brand, but also do Chinese most can let everyone can participate in the environmental protection brand.


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