How to set up an independent shop


How to set up an independent shop

today, choose to take the network as the platform, started a lot of friends, among them, the success is beyond count. In someone else's website will have the shop more limited, do not know if you have not thought about his own shop, all things to himself, let Taobao, Ebay and other auction sites become their soliciting help stores?

1, have their own independent shop, can have their own independent domain name, have their own store, have their own brand, its own page appearance, payment interface, their own shopping cart. All this will be able to reflect their image and strength. Don't let the customer think you are an individual or small shops, enhance customer trust in you;

2, have their own independent shop, your database, your order, your customer information, your goods data are independent, do not have to put on other platform;

3 and have their own independent shop, you will promote your own domain name. The shop on the platform, you hard propaganda is your clients to this platform, the equivalent of you hard for others in their own efforts for publicity, the popularity of the

4, have their own independent shop, your client is your own. Set up shop on the platform, your customers are shared with your competitors. One not careful, your customers will become hard to develop your competitors.

5, if you are a business, you need to open their own independent stores. All this will reflect your corporate image! Are you sure you don't want other people to reach your online store by clicking on another domain name?

actually make your own shop is not difficult, as long as the completion of the following 3 steps:

1, for a satisfying domain name as shop access address, international domain name application fee for one year is few, in fact investment is very small;

2 and the need for a dynamic pages and database of the virtual host, to a virtual host on OK, an ordinary shop visits is not large, do not need to purchase a separate server, this simple and convenient procurement management, the main is also save a lot of cost, meet a virtual host the annual cost of basic requirements in 500 yuan, the investment is small; the

3, select a suitable shop system, this sounds complicated, many people may not understand the complete website source Code this thing, but it does not matter, in fact, the current popular source code is a few sets of shop.

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