Zhengzhou bid farewell to the sea to see huge sums of money to build 12 billion sponge City


Zhengzhou bid farewell to the sea to see huge sums of money to build 12 billion sponge City

city infrastructure is not perfect, resulting in many areas in the rainy season every year, the city will appear waterlogging phenomenon. Zhengzhou every summer, heavy rain came in Zhengzhou, people talk about "see the sea", always reveals a bit of banter so bitter, while Zhengzhou's flood year after year always passively is the "row" led by the nose. This time, Zhengzhou bid farewell to the sea, huge sums of money to build 12 billion sponge City, this desire can be achieved?

7 month, Zhengzhou became the provincial "sponge city pilot, this essay found the way for city waterlogging. "Sponge city" how to build? Can be completed once and for all?


has over 60% City waterlogging

are building a sponge city in the country

referred to Zhengzhou to see the sea, I believe many people have a stomach to say: the rain slightly a little bigger, many places will be water, waterlogging has become standard in rainy season in Zhengzhou.

and this phenomenon is not unique to Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xi'an and other places have occurred rainstorm waterlogging in the city.

the National Meteorological Department data show that in 2008~2010, the country's 62% City waterlogging occurred, waterlogging disaster more than 137 3 times of the city, the 57 city water time more than 12 hours.

2013 in December 12th, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the central urbanization work conference for the first time put forward the concept of sponge city.

2015 years, the country approved the first 16 sponge city pilot, this year the national sponge city pilot has reached 30.

Henan is also unwilling to lag behind, in July of this year, the province announced a list of 8 provincial sponge city pilot, Zhengzhou impressively.


Zhengzhou invested nearly 12 billion yuan

is building the city sponge

7 at the end of the month, Zhengzhou City bursts of three documents, support sponge city construction.

according to the plan, Zhengzhou city has been designated public cultural service and Zheng Dong New District in Longhu city as a sponge pilot area, in the East, west of the city to create a sponge pilot, a total area of 76.7 square kilometers.


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