The flood control measures in Henan nternet plus era


The flood control measures in Henan nternet plus era

in the heavy rain of the offensive, a lot of places into the flood situation, to people's lives and security threats, but also directly lead to significant economic losses. So, Henan heavy rainfall in the face of the time, how to take the "Internet plus" flood control? The following and small series of specific in-depth understanding.

in July, the northern province of southern, I have experienced heavy rains, Xinyang, Xinxiang and other places because of the rain disaster. By 1951 affect the intensity of El Nino event the largest record since this year, meteorological situation deviation, flood situation in our province is not optimistic.

reporter in the interview that the flood control line, "Internet plus" era, many "scouts" flow of information transmission, let the flood yield more efficient. From July 8th to 9, Xinxiang, Hebi suffered heavy rainfall, 17 counties (city, district) through flood monitoring and warning system, to the 113 towns and 1670 villages responsible person issued warning information more than 3 thousand, has played an important role in the organization of personnel timely transfer process.

in our province is about to enter the "seven eight" critical period of flood, with the help of these new weapons, the flood control departments at all levels are paying close attention to the flood change, flood of Fubo alan.

"smart eyes and ears for 10 minutes to collect the rain water

7 month 10 days, when a reporter walked into the river hydrological station is located in Xinxiang county and township, here has just experienced a "battle".

, usually about 110 times a year to measure the number of times, the heavy rainfall within one or two days of the survey reported more than 10 times." River hydrological station station Lu Yulong said.

Monitoring of the two important rivers:

River and Wei river. The rainfall, hydrological data accurately, the flood control headquarters departments to determine whether the downstream peak will arrive, people need to have the important reference function transfer.

reporter saw many efficient measurement tools here, feel the charm of modern digital hydrological station: rainfall telemetry function, can automatically transmit rainfall information; radar installed in the river water level meter, the staff sat in the house will be able to know the water level.

with these monitoring tools, coupled with manual measurements, to ensure timely and accurate access to relevant data. After the computer entry, the higher flood control headquarters that can synchronize the data sharing.

at present, the hydrological station in the province has more than and 140, more than 4 thousand and 400 automatic monitoring stations at the rain water, together with the provincial and Municipal Information Center, composed of condition monitoring system of the rain. With these eyes and ears. ", flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the fastest 10 minutes to collect the rainfall information. Recommended

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