Retail stores and selling vegetables and fruits into a new outlet


Retail stores and selling vegetables and fruits into a new outlet

retail store because the area is limited, so the types of goods are very limited. And because of the loss of fruits and vegetables, so the retail business is not much. However, in the context of the current highly competitive industry, this phenomenon has been broken. Recently, I found an interesting phenomenon: in the Jiangsu province Peixian county and township, many retail stores began selling fresh fruits and vegetables, many store is not large because the fruits and vegetables shop run win in similar shops, become a leader in the business circle of retail business.

large supermarket operating fruits and vegetables and get good performance is not surprising, why the traditional store also inserted a foot, and can achieve good results? With these questions, the author of this kind of shop to do a survey.

from the shop location, this shop is located in the city, usually near a large residential area, there are many shops nearby, competition is more intense; this shop is located in the township, the general living in downtown area, located near the farmers market generally do not sell fresh vegetables, but fruit.

these stores of fruits and vegetables for two main reasons: one is because business tends to homogenization, regional shops in more intense competition, in order to attract popularity, for the tourists, to expand the business scope, fruits and vegetables is the daily consumer goods, consumption is relatively large, the purchase cost is relatively low, naturally become to expand the scope of business the two is preferred; some large residential area near the lack of farmers especially in emerging markets and supermarkets, the residents to buy fresh fruits and vegetables is not very convenient, new opportunities arise.

overall, these shops operating fruit or vegetable income is good.

in Peixian Yingbin Avenue South on the eastern side of the spring like supermarket, supermarket, supermarket three comfortable LONCIN retail stores as an example. In these three stores, LONCIN supermarket area is the largest, about 100 square meters, the opening is also the earliest; spring hi supermarket and comfortable supermarket retail area is smaller, both in the area of about 10 square meters. Three stores the common consumer group is a student and the nearby railway district across the street to the radio and TV University of Peixian and the southern residents District yingbin.

as a result of the spring hi supermarket and the supermarket opened two supermarkets, LONCIN supermarket business was robbed of a lot. In order to compete for customers, LONCIN supermarket business situation, the first fruits and vegetables. Due to affordable, attracted a lot of nearby residents to spend. Not only that, LONCIN supermarket daily also launched a special merchandise, welcomed by nearby residents.

LONCIN supermarket fruit and vegetables a month after the operation, the spring hi supermarket and comfortable supermarket sit still, but also expand the scope of business. Spring hi supermarket in three shops located in the north, the operating area and the door space are relatively small, the venue is very limited. Therefore, in the Department Store

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