Where does the cap brand take place


Where does the cap brand take place

small I first saw a hat brand goods take food when it was the name of the name to the deeply shocked, shocked at the same time of the store is from the name of success to attract the attention of consumers, the next step is full of curiosity to the store, and then in consumption. As long as it does not disappoint the consumer, I want to cap brand goods take food is not afraid of no source!

Shifang City Sichuan soul Restaurant Management Co., by two with the entrepreneurial dream after 85 young people from Mianzhu in 2007 to set up a stall selling vegetables at the beginning, after the continuous pursuit of excellence in taste, and finally developed a unique taste delicious does not get angry, spicy and delicious. In order to let more people to taste so delicious to take food, and shelter for diners. In the family and the help of friends, finally in Shifang created the "cap brand goods" to take food, from the "hat brand goods" to take food officially set sail. Through our common efforts, continuous learning, innovation, and constantly beyond the self, in 2011 to create the Shifang Sichuan soul Catering Management Co., ltd..

Where does the

cap brand take place?

There are many kinds of

about the origin of the dish. Take the dish originated in Sichuan, Sichuan dishes, salad taste all over the world, a lot of lazy people for the sake of convenience, but also want to save, and then directly in the market to buy food processing mature. Because to use Lucai brine, but the store also afraid of waste brine in the water, then add some spices and herbs in the inside, put some vegetables that taste good hot. Sales and dishes together, play a very good effect, so they have to take food.

in short, regardless of the origin of all kinds of food and food are closely related to the gathering of Sichuan, take food originated in Sichuan is positive. Take food through a variety of improved Lo original take food into more and more suitable for the local crowd favorite flavors such as Hot pot type and take food, soup and take food, spicy food, spicy food at risk as well as traditional Lo take food.


brand goods to take food, the characteristics of Chengdu, is a combined with traditional Chinese medicine and various spices soup cooked dish; dish installed with a bamboo spoon, scoop is a general; in the pot boiled in a bowl, to advance the good variety of condiments in the bowl, and then spoon the soup, take food name " " and then sprinkle coriander, chopped green onion and Sichuan special fermented black bean became Chengdu, the most famous snack " cap brand goods take food ". A simple point of view " cap brand food is a person's hot pot, hot pot is a group of people's hat brand food dish. "

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