2015 China used car E Commerce Research Report


2015 China used car E Commerce Research Report


] product uses review the current domestic second-hand car market, whether the car is the source or the cars are very scattered, the second-hand car cross regional circulation chain is long and inefficient, high cost.


EnfoDesk enfodesk recently released "China second-hand car research electronic commerce development report 2015", the report said in 2014 China second-hand car business volume of 605 thousand and 200 units, the transaction amounted to 34 billion 30 million yuan; the market scale reached 1 billion 660 million yuan, the market size is expected in 2017 will be close to 20 billion yuan. From the development trend of the industry, will focus on the four aspects of the market space, corporate competitiveness, model and traditional manufacturers involved.

EnfoDesk enfodesk research thinks, at present the second-hand car electricity supplier in the rapid development of the air, whether it is capital, entrepreneurs, Internet companies and traditional companies in this field showed twelve enthusiasm, although the prospect of this industry has become a consensus, but only on the future trend of the accurate judgment to grasp the pulse of the development of the real, to become the final winner. We believe that the development trend of second-hand car electricity supplier can be understood from the following four aspects:

1 market space


EnfoDesk enfodesk expects 2020 to the second-hand car trading volume will be more than 20 million vehicles, the transaction amount of more than 1 trillion, this judgment is mainly based on the following five points:

(1) from the view of domestic new car car average age (over 6 years), has begun to enter the stage of change; (2) the acceleration of urbanization will boost the three or four line of the city residents increased demand for second-hand car; (3) with the brand influence, appeared in the second-hand car trading platform to provide professional and authoritative a more effective and convenient channel for the circulation of second-hand car, second-hand car trading so as to promote prosperity; (4) improve the relevant norms and standards of the second-hand car, the Chinese second-hand car industry gradually mature; (5) the young generation especially after 90 and 00 after the car consumption habits will change and they will pay more attention to life after owning a car rather than the car itself, so this generation of people buy second-hand car consumption habits will become mainstream. Therefore, EnfoDesk Analysys think tank analysts believe that, according to the above for the trading volume forecast, 2020 second-hand car circulation channel market revenue will exceed 70 billion yuan, the second-hand car trading platform leading will benefit greatly, at the same time by leveraging the second-hand car trading links after the market will have more business opportunities.

2 enterprise competitiveness

EnfoDesk enfodesk research thinks, can not deny the second-hand car market space is very large, capital to enter the second-hand car business opportunity increases greatly, but can eventually win the enterprise "

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