Fans economy is poison How to grasp the marketing process


Fans economy is poison How to grasp the marketing process

with the rapid development of the Internet, the marketing process spawned a large number of fans, the fans, we often say that fans. Fans economy has also become a huge impetus to the development of the current electricity supplier and other walks of life. A fan of the economy, as the name implies, namely fan driven economy, for example a woman hit nowadays play dress very quickly in the electronic business platform to search for "a certain same paragraph, this is a direct manifestation of the fans economy, for example, celebrity endorsements products, star signings etc.. Fans economy is just unfolding, fans economy behind the problems are gradually exposed, with a hammer as the representative of the enterprise constantly trying to use fans to do its own brand in the end to the moat, repeatedly fans emotions, resulting in feelings of marketing bankruptcy, product prices will also get their own brand image to the bottom. So, in a complex network environment, how should we look at the fans economy?

first, the economic value of the business is particularly important fan fan powder. The age of the Internet, with real-time information first-hand and transformed into the auxiliary force we need, to provide for our sales help undoubtedly is the key to success, the prosperity of media platform let consumers come into contact with the wider world, how to accurately grasp the real hot, how to make the hotspot information into business opportunities the commercial value has become a hot topic in business concern. Fans economy is both an opportunity and a challenge, unreasonable use just perceptibly, only the reasonable mining business value to create wealth for the enterprise.

second, should do a good job in the maintenance of fans, or a higher rate of loss of customers. Encounter unscrupulous profiteers makes some fans heart frustrated, lost the confidence in the product, the economic downturn caused by the fans in the course of time, the original business opportunities are depleted, so fans of the maintenance has become an inevitable task. From ancient to modern times, business integrity is too Damo two words, only with high quality products and excellent service to maintain good customer groups own enterprises are likely to become bigger and stronger, in the pursuit of interests and ignore consumers feel behavior will eventually lead to enterprise sales decline, customer turnover, corporate performance will be the decline. Of course, warm and thoughtful after-sales service is also one of the ways to maintain the customer's fans, how to convert the customer into a star fan fans customers is a need to carefully study the knowledge.

third, branding and promotion is an important economic significance of fans. The most obvious economic performance fans than celebrity endorsements, advertising star promotion sales for the endorsement of the product through their visibility and their fans groups, consumer groups for more products from the cognition of the visibility of stars, such as the international first-line star endorsement of the natural products of high-end atmosphere, but not into the stream star endorsement of the product is rarely. In essence, the brand shaping and promotion and fans economy are inextricably linked, enterprises in the choice of a greater possibility is in the choice of her behind the group of fans, fans of the fan power is infinite, the benefits are immeasurable, so.

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