Analysis on five methods of brand promotion in wine store


Analysis on five methods of brand promotion in wine store

electricity supplier brand has been the key to business success of the web site, but also the key whether the user willing to spend on the site, there are a lot of electricity in the website, although there is a traffic advisory, but the conversion rate is very low, and even some users in a single site, but immediately cancelled, or not I believe the website payment system, the website does not believe the authenticity of the goods, and the choice of cash on delivery, the above situation is believed to have had electricity supplier operating experience of a friend is very clear, so this distrust why? I think it is the electricity supplier brand, users have not heard, not seen the website he did not dare to buy


- ten, ten - 100, 100 thousand... How to make the wine brand mall. Viral spread out? This is the author to express the content of today.

a, brand positioning

intake of wine industry electricity supplier is not deep, which belongs to the mature stage, the author thinks that the wine mall to do brand promotion, the brand positioning is the premise, it is called "slogan", what "slogan", such as send gifts melatonin, melatonin is his interpretation of the gift, the use of melatonin. And if the electricity supplier brewmaster network earlier wading slogan is "buy real wine on the brewmaster network!" the interpretation of the liquor business positioning and brand promotion theme.

of course, this is more obvious slogan, like some others, such as wine, people know that this is a well-known wine mall, which is invisible brand positioning.

two, hard wide

We should be very familiar with

advertising, television advertising, advertising on the Internet, this is a live burn. Brewmaster network is a, buy advertising through a lot of financing money, go hand in hand line, currently, brewmaster network can be said to be a leader in the beverage business. Then this burn marketing is not the general electricity can afford.

three, Q & a platform

Q & a platform for brand promotion, this method make friends network promotion should be very familiar with the common, Baidu know, Search ask, answer, many friends network promotion are generally "boast" type. The author here said the use of Q & a platform to do wine electricity supplier brand is not the.

I suggest is to apply for a wine electricity supplier official Q & a account, such as Baidu know, Baidu know there is a Baidu know open platform, regular companies and brands can apply for the opening of this interface. The official account answer questions, in the course of the answer to publicize their official brand. The second point is to remind the content of the answer must be fair and objective, real help to the user, rather than the above said "boast" of the content, focus on brand promotion certainly can be invisible, but not too, must have a degree.

four, advertising alliance

common advertising alliance CPC, CPS, CPA, etc.

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