2009 Fengyun local portal selection activities winners list


2009 Fengyun local portal selection activities winners list

October 17, 18 days, more than and 400 well-known local communities from across the country in Hangzhou Zhijiang hotel together to discuss the development of the local community. The meeting was hosted by Alibaba, PHPWind contractors, which is the first time to the local community as the theme of the Internet industry conference, designed to strengthen the exchange of local communities, and promote the healthy development of local communities.

Shao Xiaofeng, President of Alipay China YAHOO general manager Wang Shuai, director of the DCCI Internet data center in twenty-first Century reported that Hu Yanping, general manager of the Department of operations Chen Dongyang, angel investor Cai Wensheng, 51.com chairman Pang Shengdong, vice president of Taobao open platform Philippines green and other guests attended the meeting, from the development of the local website media industry value, financing, electronic commerce and other topics do a wonderful speech.

held the morning of 17 "2009 Fengyun local portal Award" awards ceremony, more than and 90 well-known local communities to the horizon, as the representative of the award-winning West temple. The development of local websites, for the popularity of the Internet has played an important role in promoting. In the process of popularization of the community, represented by the PHPWind universal software providers through solving technical problems of small and medium-sized site, to help small and medium-sized community growth and achieved success, and gradually with the development of the community industry, from the forum software development the simple transformation for the website needs to provide more operational functions.

is the following:

: Community Award for outstanding contributions to the community, Xicihutong


guests: Alipay CEO Shao Xiaofeng

award guests: Hainan senior vice president Li Shengbing, Mr. Tianya Xicihutong business director Ms. Long Meiling

The best

content operation Award: Yuyao life network, broadband mountain, dragon lane, Zhangjiajie public forum, Xiasha network, Jiyang community, Jinjiang convenience, Donglin Academy Forum, South Taihu forum, Yantai forum


honored guests: Wang Shuai, general manager of China's YAHOO, twenty-first Century, general manager of the Department of reporting,

award guests: Yuyao life network Xu Yue, long lane money Yu, Zhangjiajie public forum Liu Lingfei, Shang Zhentao, Jiyang Xiasha community Xu Zheng, Mao Wei, Jinjiang Donglin Academy convenience forum Zeng Hua matter, South Taihu forum pan Yun Fang

most electronic commerce value award: 19 floor, Taizhou network, Huizhou forum, Yingkou forum, Chongqing Shopaholic, magic time network, Pinghu online, Shing Mun network, Xinchang information port, Changshu zero distance.


guests: PHPWind president Wang set, Qiu Changheng, vice president of Alipay Taobao open platform vice president Wang Wenbin

award winner: Zhang Wenguo Taizhou, Huizhou

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