Ten promotion methods Wangzhuan site


Ten promotion methods Wangzhuan site

a, QQ find publicity:

1, apply for a QQ, dedicated to do wangzhuan. First of all, their own QQ to add a few groups, such as adding: the development of the network object, focusing on the development of objects, temporary members, peers, and so on, I can also add their own content according to their actual situation!

2, will own chat baskets of fast send button in the content set to introduce several common higher language so that even at the same time, there are dozens of people to consult if you can handle it.


Hello, I would like to ask you to consult how to make money online?

then I'll introduce you to it. You go to my website (space) to find out, there is a detailed introduction http://s.***

as a result of consulting more people, you are optimistic about the future, if interested, please ask me further, I will be happy to explain to you


just gave you information about it, if valued words, you still have what doubt it, I give you the answer


3, then open the QQ search function, use the advanced search, in this case, you can find the age, area relatively conform to do Wangzhuan career man. Then add the other friends, in the verification through the column, you need to input such as: "want to spare time to make money and then add me, don't add!" prompt language, then delete the part of interested people, people who come to the consultation is to consult your career. Then add the other party to their original set of add groups, you can add the first person to the network development object group.

4, add a few dozens of people, stop adding. Then the other side of the QQ to open a dozen or so, evenly distributed to their computer desktop, and then send a quick send to the other party to send information: Hello, you are to consult how to make money online". Wait for the other side to answer, the other party if the answer is yes, then send second fast language, make the corresponding further talk.

5, after more than fourth, if the other side of our Wangzhuan career show very interested, then you will join each other to "focus on the development of the object" add group, for further follow-up, if they are willing to register, then add each other to "temporary membership" group in. And so on, according to the situation will be placed in different groups of different groups, in order to facilitate future management and follow-up.

two, directly to the chat room to promote

use chat room publicity, the first in the chat room for all the people, and then in one of the hair, the effect is good ah

a lot of large web chat rooms every day there are a lot of flow chat, you can go there to promote your network career, but also pay attention to a lot of things

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