Electricity supplier furniture brands should do a good job of network marketing and promotion


Electricity supplier furniture brands should do a good job of network marketing and promotion


note: the development of online shopping furniture has been a few years, although the late start, but also the birth of many electricity supplier furniture brands. But these electricity supplier furniture brands in the network marketing and promotion do not have a few good. Author Wang Liuqiang, Department of online shopping furniture brand evaluation Zhaoran community network founder, the following is the full text:

electricity supplier brand fortune in the network, will not support network. One of the most popular electricity supplier brand position is Tmall and Taobao. Because Tmall and Taobao are richly endowed by nature flow advantage, many businesses that do a good job of Tmall or Taobao ranking, in fact, what is the network marketing and promotion network promotion? Why? How the brand's brand of electric network promotion and marketing of


first we talk about what is the network marketing and promotion. About network marketing, I think we should first think of millet, millet network marketing can be said to be true. Millet's network marketing mainly from its fans economy, and the accumulation of fans is derived from the network forum and micro-blog promotion, so in the millet phone a city when it triggered a small network of cyclones. So the network marketing is through the Internet to promote the brand or product marketing. In today's Internet era has become the starting point for many small companies preferred promotion.

so why network marketing and promotion, a well-known furniture brand founder told Zhaoran community in Taobao for many years, well versed in the importance of network promotion. One of our clients to the store to buy the product at the time, and our customer service chat for a long time, have seen a lot of furniture in Taobao, then why do we still choose home,? Customers revealed a very important information, the original customer has made full preparations before buying furniture, the the brand founder says. The customer before the purchase, will be to Baidu search these furniture brand information, search the most is "XX furniture" so what "furniture quality how certain furniture customer service how" this kind of search, when the customer received a large number of positive news on the Internet, this time has the hearts of customers this brand has a good impression. And those who simply can not search on Baidu or negative news too many brands, customers tend to avoid far.

still say that millet, a four or five years before the establishment of the company, the company's valuation has reached or even exceeded $40 billion, mobile phone share more than ten years has been operating for big brands. This is sufficient to illustrate the importance of network marketing and promotion.

let's talk about the importance of network marketing and promotion. First of all, do Taobao ranking is very important, but if we can introduce traffic from outside the station, wouldn't it be better, and perhaps outside the station traffic flow more accurately than Taobao, after all they are watching it feel good. Taobao traffic cost

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