The king of digital domain 88 COM into the field of group buying


The king of digital domain 88 COM into the field of group buying

in early March, a high-profile announcement officially launched, and returning the digital domain China king 88.COM hot open group, announced to enter the group purchase field, has been able to accept the user online group purchase service, the first group purchase products U.S.A US per package, only 0.3 yuan thousand station soon.

's born on the export of gold spoon, the website by the world's largest group purchase website Groupon, the Tencent industry win fund and Yunfeng fund joint venture, ferocious. The 88.COM with the advantage of the digital domain of the birth of king, to use its brand is good, easy to spread into the advantages of group purchase market, as long as the sales staff to keep up with the ground, is expected to soon enter the group purchase the first army in the layout of the national market potential.

according to stakeholders analysis: China buy market is very large, due to the large population, huge Internet users, a vast territory, not a few companies can monopolize the. Each vertical area or some of the larger cities, are likely to become bigger and stronger, each field may have a number of leading enterprises and leading figures. Such as a place in Shanghai to do a home decoration buy site, its current size enough to meet the listing standards. It can be seen that each vertical area can accommodate a number of large scale group buying site, there are many opportunities. China's overall market development history is not long, has just begun, as long as the discovery of market segments, identify the target customer base, there will be opportunities for development.

At present,

thousand station phenomenon, analysts believe that: is not terrible, but can foil, cultivate the market, do good for everyone, for users, businesses, the three party website benefit advantage, can also drive the development of related industries upstream and downstream. As long as we can do integrity by order, not infighting, defeating each other, mutual help, thousands of groups will eventually show prosperity large business scene thousand group profits, business integrity, mutual benefit and win-win benefit benefit millions of people.

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