The performance of Chinese and Japanese nternet users in BBS


The performance of Chinese and Japanese nternet users in BBS

      1, in the China Forum, the majority of young people aged 20, more than 30 are called old wild.

      in the Japanese forum, 30 year old -40 years old people are mostly, more than 50 is old wild.

      therefore, in the forum, Chinese and Japanese debate will suffer.

      because young people experience is limited, a lot of things do not know how to express.

      2, Japanese hate hair post, love Jiutie top, the same kind of problem, in the hope of getting a post said clearly.

      the Japanese are very patient with a long stick, from the beginning to the end. Chinese love hate Jiutie top post, a topic of discussion, two tired, do not have the patience to read a post.

      that the Japanese do things more seriously, but also more rigid.

      and the Chinese people's attention to the transfer of new things is very fast, but also shows that the Chinese people a little bit more impetuous.

      3, the Chinese people on the Internet for entertainment, most of the information, look good, even if the look, the answer is simply to deal with.

      Japanese Internet holding the attitude of learning, read carefully the reply, sometimes in order to answer a question, for a few days to access to information, even the Japanese women will not simply say "oh"!

      once, in order to refute the Japanese, I spent a month to re learn the history of China, in fact, in the process, they benefit a lot.

      4, the Japanese lack of sense of humor, you ask what, he will answer what, the Japanese do not seem to know what is called irony".

      the Chinese reply to any questions that may be humorous or ironic.

      I once asked a Japanese who was called "the British". "When was the first time you had sex?"

      he honestly replied: "at the age of 16."

      then added: "please don't"

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