Search engine owners choose more rational Baidu advantage over Google


Search engine owners choose more rational Baidu advantage over Google

November 25, 2007, Comsenz (Comsenz) and Eric (iResearch) jointly organized the "Third Session of Chinese Social Network Research Report" released in beijing. This is the first time since 2005 Comsenz released the first survey report on the development of the Internet community in China since the third release of the continuous report.

in the Chinese Internet community for the third party search engine on the recommendation of the problem, the results of the survey is significantly different from ordinary users, webmasters in the search engine, it seems more rational.


survey data show that community owners in the third party search engine use, the proportion of Baidu and Google have little difference in the proportion of 83.9%, Baidu ranked first, followed by the use of Google, the ratio was 74.5%, the proportion of other search engines is relatively low.



at the same time, the survey data also show that search advertising has become the preferred mode of community Adsense advertising alliance. In all the tendency to put the highest proportion of the site to reach 73.4%, followed by community marketing advertising, the use of the proportion reached 39.8%. Due to the negative impact of SP business as a whole as well as the depth of anti rogue rectification, SP union advertising and software alliance advertising share has been getting lower and lower, only 6.2%, 5.8% of the community and the owners put.

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