To save money 780 thousand sites do not update part of the zombie station


To save money 780 thousand sites do not update part of the zombie station

As the carrier of Internet information,

website has become an important part of people's life and business activities. China Internet Network Information Center data show that as of the 1 quarter of this year, the number of Internet users in China reached a total of 404 million people, the number of sites reached 3 million 230 thousand, an annual growth rate of 12.3%. However, in sharp contrast, hundreds of thousands of fully loaded old information and function of the lack of sub health website and carry a variety of viruses zombie station".

250 thousand site updated once a week


reporter in the latest release of "the twenty-fifth China Internet development statistics report" see, weekly updates to the site less than 250 thousand, and 3 months to update a website up to 2 million 300 thousand, half did not update 784 thousand,.

which is a static web site (editor's note: static site refers to the site can not be content, the structure of the site to be updated), the proportion of its capacity and dynamic web site up to 1.3:1.

According to

Chinese network introduction, these static website mostly by individuals or small and medium-sized website studio production, small and micro enterprises to buy used.

insiders told reporters, static web site composed of countless static pages, if you want to change the site structure, content or add, it is necessary to modify or re create each page. Enterprises can only be commissioned to help the company to modify the site, at this time the hidden costs of low-cost station on the rise. "Usually modify a page to 100 to 200 yuan".

780 thousand site for saving money does not update

site had to save money, but also to change the site to spend money. In this case, the majority of small and medium enterprises have had a common use of psychology, there have been mentioned in front of the 780 thousand old sink. Over time, these sites will become a zombie station".

The emergence of

zombie station is a threat to Internet security, Internet information security. Chinese civilink introduced, criminals use the zombie website as a cover, in the Internet wantonly spread Trojan, steal users property, serious potential serious social security and stability.

the legal profession, although there is no relevant laws and regulations of enterprises in the Internet should perform the responsibility and obligation, but avoid the zombie website, is the enterprise to maintain Internet security, extending to fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise.

in fact, small and medium enterprises are aware of the importance of site updates. According to the Ai Rui report shows that the majority of small and medium enterprises are willing to help themselves through the site and the way to build the site. Because the price of intelligent station services are in line with the economic requirements of small and medium enterprises, but also with the website information release function.

and the results of the survey are becoming a reality. Not long ago, the media reported that the 1 quarter of this year, only Chinese million net new site 12 thousand, an increase of 286%. The company's standards

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