Share consumer website online shopping from pure buy to taste pleasure


Share consumer website online shopping from pure buy to taste pleasure

nowadays society is a society of self value, and everyone is happy to show and share with others. The young people hope that they can make others know themselves and perceive themselves in various ways. Conform to this trend, Pinterest sharing mode site fire, the domestic similar to the model of community marketing network platform has become a lot of women and love to share the paradise.

now there are a lot of domestic Pinterest sites, such as image sharing website petals network. Petals network CEO Liu Pingyang said that the petals in the form of a network of Pinterest, but positioned to focus on the image behind the information to record personal interests and hobbies. The user will see some petals open net beauty, some will see some scenery pictures, you will see a child full of innocence. The appearance of the user's eyes, the integration of their aesthetic preferences, browsing habits, etc..

also beautiful said,, such sites should be called the vertical field of Pinterest, focusing on the popular clothing to wear the community. Beautiful and sites such as the main platform to build up to share, to provide the most seasonal in single product, a variety of styles of clothing and accessories, such as how to match the information, but also provide fashion beauty quiz service. In the face of many e-commerce sites and innumerable merchandise categories, many consumers often do not know how to choose, to share the website go, may have important guiding significance will be the next online shopping, online shopping also share in the form of shopping patterns are more interesting than ordinary.

is said to be a registered user of both the beautiful and websites. has more than 90% of goods pointing to Taobao, from to Taobao to achieve the conversion rate of 6%-10%. The average conversion rate of domestic electricity supplier is 5/1000 to 10/1000. co-founder Li Yanzhu said that's average daily income of 100 thousand yuan, revenue channels mainly from Taobao customers into revenue.

micro business expert Li Liming believe that the independent shopping sharing site centralized services in beauty collocation and sharing service, this kind of website from BBS, SNS from micro-blog to ask websites community form, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the.

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consumer groups

share shopping gradually become a habit of

social shopping site model is a lot of women welcome, the shopping process from ordinary "- - buy" into the "discovery - Comparison of buy and share that buy, share shopping has become a part of women's shopping habits.

Beijing Electronic Commerce Association Secretary General Lin ya think that the Internet is more developed to guide consumers to their love of shopping tilt, more and more people love to share this interaction by drying their goods, share other items, get a different shopping experience and fun, but also the modern people use the Internet to consumer, a Party of entertainment and enjoyment of life "

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