College students do movie site was 600 thousand claims


College students do movie site was 600 thousand claims

Wenzhou Reuters recently, just graduated from Wenzhou University's small Jie (a pseudonym) depressed. During the school was founded in a free movie site was a Hangzhou film and television companies to copyright infringement, the prosecution claims 600 thousand yuan. According to the reporter, in the course of college students encounter legal risk occurs when the case. How to avoid the legal risk, has become a large number of students in the process of entrepreneurship can not be ignored.

could not bear the weight of claim

in May this year, graduation of several small and low grade students to jointly invest 20 thousand yuan to set up a free movie website. However, he did not expect him to wait for a lawsuit. "We are through the website movie thunderbolt download here, but do not know which movies is that Hangzhou company agent, 600 thousand compensation for us just entrepreneurship is a heavy blow." Xiao Jie said that at present they have received the Wenzhou intermediate people's court summons, court at the beginning of next month. Xiao Jie said that college students lack of entrepreneurial experience and lack of venture capital, inadvertently touched the law is often difficult to avoid the high pressure line, but the amount of such claims for them is undoubtedly astronomical.

to strengthen the legal awareness of students of entrepreneurship

Wen big Venture Park, a mentor, said: "college students often encounter some legal risk in the process of entrepreneurship, but generally because of the relatively small and private consultations to resolve the." Many students said that various conditions of entrepreneurship students are not very mature, the only possible factors that may be bold and daring, but in the fierce market competition, the survival probability is relatively small.

Ouhai branch registered supervision department staff said that at present they have not received complaints, illegal business students, students start threshold can be reduced, but the business law is the necessary premise. In addition, some college students do not understand the relevant policies, lack of legal awareness and other issues.

"this is a reminder for college students who are in the business of passion." Wang Zongzheng, director of the Department of Law School of Wenzhou University believes that entrepreneurship education in universities at present most of the energy is put in the cultivation of knowledge, experience, breakthrough and innovation, college students' psychological capital many limiting factors, and little attention to the legal problems in the process of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship as a social practice is feasible, but many of the risks in the process of entrepreneurship and will not give way because of the special identity of College students". Therefore, entrepreneurship education, should be based on the relevant employment, entrepreneurship cases, strengthen the awareness of legal protection of College students.

recently, City College invited Jia Ruicheng Law Firm lawyer Li Beiping Tan Hao, lawyer for entrepreneurial students on the topic answer class, let the students understanding and abiding by the law, and in accordance with the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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