LoveBucks small and medium sized webmaster can rely on user favorite cents


LoveBucks small and medium sized webmaster can rely on user favorite cents


the use of online content of money is not easy, especially those users very small publishers and bloggers, apart from advertising, did not like what other ways to earn money, now, content aggregation platform to solve this problem, they launched a new tool called LoveBucks that allows users on a monthly basis the subscription, and allows users to manually click on the way to give money to content creators.

registered users can choose two kinds of packages, users can subscribe to the corresponding recharge option package after the content, and content providers in content alongside a "LoveBucks" button, if the user clicks the button, the user said love your content, so users will click money in proportion to the content provider.


started this tool has been tested in the from one month, has been officially launched recently, first partner SFGate and the developer community Sitepoint, LoveBucks received the money will be divided into three parts: 60% will give readers support website by clicking on the expression, 30% will be sent to all partners involved in the LoveBucks plan the 10%, owned by LoveBucks.

for content creators, LoveBucks provides another way of income, the negative impact on the site is not large. Most importantly, LoveBucks users are using cash to reward content creators.

The concept of

is very new, it sounds a bit like Readability a few months ago the tricks used, the user monthly subscription, Readability will send the money to the number of users in accordance with the distribution, but in the end this method does not attract enough publishers, because most of the money is not clear away.

LoveBucks uses the way of manual user to the user's money to content creators, seems to be effective to avoid the above mentioned Readability problem, but the success of this project still depends on how to attract many content creators and publishers.

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