Daily topic traditional banks to enter the P2P net loan business risk is reduced


Daily topic traditional banks to enter the P2P net loan business risk is reduced

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 18th news, Internet banking, especially P2P net loan can be said to have been a hot topic of discussion. Even frequent P2P platform running events can not stop people from entering the footsteps of the P2P industry. This is not the day before, the small business financing platform of China Merchants Bank small business e home, a e+ stable financing project financing platform quietly on the line, the 6 phase of the project has been completed, the issue of financing, financing 129 million yuan.

Design of

pages CMB this platform and a lot of P2P company is similar to that of a page the picture show, "investing in small and medium-sized enterprises realize the value of wealth - China Merchants Bank · small business e home financing platform brings together many financing projects, safe". The customer service said, "e+ stable financing project is China Merchants Bank small business a platform e home, on this platform operated by Guangdong Youmai information communications Limited by Share Ltd. China Merchants Bank to customers in the project selection and qualification. Web site information, the platform has completed 6 project financing, this series of projects the minimum amount of 580 thousand yuan, 50 million yuan of financing period ranging from 177 days ~182 days, the expected rate of return of 6.1%~6.3%.


platform did not disclose specific information to the financing side, the use of funds for these projects as "liquidity" of enterprises, "the daily operating funds, procurement of funds", page display some of the projects have been examined, but did not disclose more specific information. It is worth noting that, in these items on the page, there is a risk that is called "China Merchants Bank as an information provider does not project financing, financing to repay assume any form of guarantee, guarantee responsibility" and "bank payment voucher of the funds and related rights when the courts and other competent authorities, the implementation of attachment freeze or deduct measures, China Merchants Bank will act according to the judicial organ or regulatory requirements etc.".

can not deny the huge impact of Internet banking on traditional banks, but also began to test the water P2P net loan business. Ali small and Micro Finance Research Institute president Chen Dawei said in an interview with the media, said: if the P2P default rate is controlled within 1%, Ali small and micro can try to carry out P2P financing business." Involved in the P2P business in the banking industry, the overall train of thought, is a traditional banking counter deal with internet banking, bank capital and has the advantages of large customers, but in the financial impact of the Internet, part of the interface and channel pan Internet, bank risk become the Internet financial background.

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