Do you know another name Thunder KanKan changed its name


Do you know another name Thunder KanKan changed its name

A5 webmaster network ( August 13th news yesterday, Thunder KanKan announced the name changed to see the nest. Will invest 3 billion yuan to support the ring to see the development of the nest, focusing on the direction of including homemade content, independent broadcast strategy, Internet banking and precision marketing.

it is understood that the thunder on July 15th announced that it will sell all of its shares to 130 million yuan price to Beijing ring nest international media Limited by Share Ltd. For the thunder, the high cost of video maintenance, profitability is always a pain point, so the final choice of the sale of non core, non profit Thunder KanKan.

public information, Beijing nesound international media Limited by Share Ltd was founded in April 2007, is a collection of film planning, investment, production and distribution, new media, artists brokers and advertising marketing business as a whole film company, has produced the "Invincible Ugly", "Yong Zheng Dynasty", "Qianlong Dynasty", "to the Republic" many other film and television works.

online video industry had a serious "burn", various video sites in the copyright on rising costs. Look at the total purchase nesound billing 3 billion yuan for homemade content and exclusive rights, is not a particularly heavy investment. For example, the recent Youku potatoes group announced that it will officially changed its name to the group, and in the next three years to invest $10 billion in cash and resources to support the content.

ring nest to see the group   CEO  Zhang Yubo said, call the nest to see the birth of the platform is not only the beginning of a new dream, but also the thunder gene and cultural heritage". Zhang Yubo will continue to serve as thunder consultant in the form of thunder service.

, the current video site does not have a real user, the user wants to see the content to come, did not go." Zhang Yubo believes that the video site in the context of content homogeneity has not yet formed a user stickiness. The opportunity lies in, after several years of copyright norms, the user's awareness of the content is being enhanced, the platform wants to form an influence, it is necessary to compete homemade content. In addition, the future to see the nest also intends to create a platform to raise public television.

nesound see also announced the National Development Bank, Xiaoxiang capital, South media, Baidu literature, wing payment, HYLINK six signed a memorandum of cooperation. Among them, the National Development Bank will be in the next three years nesound see 5 billion yuan of credit, Xiaoxiang capital will also be in the form of strategic cooperation in three years for nesound look to provide 5 billion yuan of funds to support.

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