To navigate the site around the market group purchase PK show small sites out of temptation


To navigate the site around the market group purchase PK show small sites out of temptation


buy navigation website as a complaint handling officer

The number of

group purchase website in the number of users is soaring, soaring in group purchase. More and more accustomed to the "tour" began a group purchase website navigation into the computer favorites. Thus, the battle between the Group buy navigation site is also increasingly fierce. More critical is that the group purchase site navigation start user resources rely on bargaining with group purchase website to find the confidence, even prepared a series of open, their appetite is about 1000 group purchase website melee situation.

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PK show" temptation out of small website

more than and 600 group purchase website, "one day a service", which means that the tour every day at least Quweicunzhen in nearly a thousand group purchase information, choose what I love. User demand, which may be the reason for the survival of the site to buy navigation.

, but he and his founder of LETYO (excellent) to buy life network is not willing to sink in the Group buy navigation site homogenization competition. They tried to seize the "information gathering", "analysts", "convener" three identities. Recently, to optimize network group purchase website called mainstream online PK vs. by online voting for a showdown. August 17th, August 25th, "nobody" now made two straight defeats in the arena, it is in the hands of the U.S. group and F group, and then the opponent is sweet.

was born more than a month, you can have quite overturned status to the U.S. group and F group, in the industry view, now the mission is the activities of the big winner, to quickly host. But other analysts pointed out that the PK is not a loser, propaganda means "show", now let group, the U.S. group, F group and to earn its excellent network exposure rate, even for the focus group purchase website that has turned to the limelight brand competition.

Beauty Group founder Wang's entry declaration can also see this clue, "the rapid development from the beginning to the present, the group purchase website Chinese uneven in quality, is currently in a critical period of development. We have the responsibility to promote the industry reshuffle, so that there are characteristics, there is a good quality of the group to buy the majority of users close to the site, which is the U.S. mission network 'active participation in the original intention of the event".


Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that the PK show, promotion activities, and may be more interested in the group purchase website. If you can not find a more effective way of cooperation, glutinous rice network and other large sites on the purchase intention of the navigation station will not care too much".

24 coupons CEO Du Yinan also revealed that, although most of the navigation site has been free to collect the information of the purchase of 24 coupons, but small sites may be more concerned about this". In fact, anchenghai also admitted that sina group, Sohu love group relying on the group purchase website "Internet predators do not use other channels to do brand promotion".

this way, despite the ability to win over all the buy site to participate

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