Focus on the domain name hot hot current events derived wealth story


Focus on the domain name hot hot current events derived wealth story

the sun every day at sunset, repeated every day changes obviously, people's life is changing every day, today some people are happy, some people melancholy, and tomorrow perhaps people cry, some people worry about the same, in the Internet that hundreds of thousands of people gather to "big family" every day, a new story, the domain name industry is also popular events continuously.

name domain name into public opinion


sports sector recently the hottest events in addition to NBA, is the French Open tennis tournament, China players Li Na Shirupozhu in law on the Internet, set off a boom in the domestic people's attention, also registered by Li Na Larry Lina related domain name, finally, on the evening of June 4th with purgation titles, more is in the domain name in a rolled up the domain name, one hundred thousand auction, recently become a public concern domain name. In addition, the recent Zhou Libo domain name domain name event, has become another concern this week boom.

, of course, not only in the domestic hot recent domain name, in the foreign market is also very fire, General Motors Corporation recently registered company CEO low-key multiple domain name, the domain name above, attractive is ineffable.

home building materials domain name is also lively


is the basic necessities of life to people every day to go through procedures, Chinese has a population of nearly 1 billion 300 million, the daily consumption needs to "the basic necessities of life related products, produced in these huge consumer behavior under the domain name is a huge business opportunities. After the recent gold price bidding industry investors grassroots sofa Larry domain, the industry once again set off a Home Furnishing real estate boom that is needed for people to live, live, after Sina had bought Home Furnishing building materials industry domain and in Home Furnishing, generous Sina buy a domain name, it is in the industry and to promote the the value of the domain name industry Home Furnishing shengzhang.

group treasure does not give up the Chinese Groupon


Groupon officially opened Groupon Pinyin domain, domain name access normal, double domain coexist situation, this news caused concern in the industry, anecdotal Groupon this desire to leave, establish a new brand, and finally transfer transactions, however, the news finally by Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei statement clarified, group treasure net will not give up the domain name

can not be denied, mission treasure network these two CN domain name affected by the domain name is very large, the group has a big heart, future face >

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