Domain name registration minus non fraud industry reshuffle warmer


Domain name registration minus non fraud industry reshuffle warmer

domain name real name system fully implement the CN domain name registration amount reduced by

cn is one of the mainstream of domestic domain name domain name, is the main direction of investment by domestic investors, since the CN domain name registration open since many terminal enabled CN domain name as the official domain name, investors also pay great attention to the CN domain name investment, CN domain name market was good, since the full implementation of the domain name system, CN domain name registration to reduce the amount of domain name once the market is in an unstable state.

according to CNNIC data show that as of the end of February 2010, CN domain name registration total reached 9535120, which accounted for 6140809 of the.Cn domain in the first row. domain name in 2659227 row in the second. domain name registration at least, the sum of less than 3700.

some investors affected by the new deal, or wait and see, the domain name trading market temporarily lose confidence. But most investors still focus on CN domain registration to reduce the amount of investment, that is not a bad thing, but is conducive to market development, the development of the CN domain name for China conditions, in the domain name system stability after the implementation, there will be a new tide of warmer.

registration is not a bad thing to reduce the majority of investors are optimistic about

CNNIC domain name registration data came out, some investors see the plight of the CN domain name registration, the attitude of the CN domain is more negative, that the CN domain name investment prospects are not good. In fact, the CN domain from the opening seven years ago registered up to now, the world's first top-level domain name registration, and now the Internet application is very extensive website you can see, the CN domain is a long-term potential, its value is a dilemma can deny.

for the time being, although the number of CN domain name registration decreased, but only less than com and net domain name. The registered amount and value still cannot be underestimated, Chinese enterprise acquisition of domain name, domain name as CN tends to be one of the first choice, this is for the promotion and popularization of the results is also a fundamental manifestation of its value.

domain name investors believe that because of the full implementation of China domain name system, domain name application effectively to avoid the bad, the CN domain do jurisprudence or Trojan station plummeted, finally, improve the reputation of the CN domain name. Specifically, to avoid the bad application of CN domain name, in favor of the search engine for CN domain name of the site to improve the rankings.

Improve the application of

domain name to a certain extent, is a good condition for the formation of the domain name trading market. Domain name industry development so far, has more than 100 thousand employees, the future of the domain name market will be sunshine, industrialization. Domain name is a turning point in the development of the domain name CN sharp edge, but also the future of the international domain name in the Chinese market, how to develop a key. At present, some foreign registrars take a ride Chinese pornography, through various channels to promote domestic and international domain name, its behavior not only cut.

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