On January 10th PHLPS brand annual festival invites you to open the goddess distance with the new m


On January 10th PHLPS brand annual festival invites you to open the goddess distance with the new m

January 10th, Holland Royal PHILPS brand day festival of the year strong landing Jingdong, thermal open new year's first hi purchase, with high quality and super welfare to offer consumers the explosion of the tip of goods. More fascinating is that PHILPS spokesman -- the goddess Lin Chiling, will also warmly invited you to participate in the 24 hours of the day carnival, and tell you the new "machine" Ling distance little secret: for example, the maximum reduction of 200 yuan, 1 yuan purchase coupons, and send the mechanical keyboard or mouse. Live interactive draw gifts etc..


maximum 200 yuan less than $1 in the hands of the new machine, I have

the event from January 10th to zero, during the last 24 hours, PHILPS display to prepare a variety of coupons (some commodities available), collar, including: full 500 yuan minus 40 yuan coupons, full 1000 yuan minus 100 yuan coupons, full 2000 yuan minus 200 yuan coupons, simple and practical. To understand



3 star products to play the protagonist of 1 yuan will be able to buy a new machine


display the brand focus on recommended products, from high Yan three inside and outside value, high performance display featuring: Song Yue series 278C7QJSW display, 272B7QPJEB display, Moldova series smart wing series 245C7QJSB display.

In recent years

displays have also been bent, curved screen the ultimate immersive experience, brilliant appearance and aesthetics, the perfect ergonomic design, so that consumers themselves, bring new visual experience hitherto unknown. As a new song Yue series, full HD 278C7QJSW display surface, the curvature is only 1800R, is currently on the market some stunning as new year's day, the distance starting only a few days apart, the Japanese brand festival will be how to move price or user feedback, please take a look at what the display area.


smart 272B7QPJEB display series, with 27 inches large screen, QHD2560× HD four times; 1440 pixels, equipped with a rotary lifting frame, no splash screen technology, more humane care of the long face of the computer users. In addition, the rich DP/HDMI/VGA digital interface to ensure high resolution and high quality; support for multiple devices while the seamless switch of the connection machine, eliminating the cumbersome cumbersome. As a reputation and good price 2K display, this crazy 24 hours brand Festival, don't you want to start with a




in twelve years last year starting friction wing series 245C7QJSB display, believe that many users have the slim 5.2 mm had heard, it.

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