Hainan website does not set up the record mmediately shut down


Hainan website does not set up the record mmediately shut down

website and forums must be submitted to the relevant departments for registration, or as soon as the discovery of illegal websites immediately shut down. Reporters learned yesterday from the Provincial Communications Authority, the Bureau will investigate the province did not record the site. According to reports, the website can be set up on the Internet for the record, the record is free.

according to the Provincial Bureau of stakeholders, with the continuous development of the province's Internet business, Hainan enterprises, institutions and individuals to open more and more websites. But after an investigation found that many sites did not pass the ICP/IP address filing unauthorized start a long time. These are not difficult to monitor the filing of the site, such as the emergence of network fraud can not be held responsible for the relevant units and individuals. Provincial Bureau official said that these are not timely filing of the site, mostly because of ignoring the filing procedures, there are individual intends to evade regulation.

how to deal with the site for the record, the Provincial Communications Authority recommends that the site for online filing. According to reports, all within the scope of the province of Hainan, can be accessed through the Internet to operate or non operating sites must be filed. When can log on the website for the Ministry of industry and information technology "ICP/IP address for the record management system" (URL: www.miibeian.gov.cn) filing procedures, the provincial communications authority by the Ministry of industry and information technology for the record management system, using the way of online filing for the record management. If the site involves news, publishing, education, health care, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, etc., will also be pre-approval. It is reported that the online filing procedures are not charges, the Provincial Bureau of advisory telephone 665338316653368266550106.

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