Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 8 24 8 30


Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 8 24 8 30

webmaster discussion: creativity is not the most important important executive website

also some friends around to join the network, but a lot of friends into a misunderstanding, the hot total disdain tracking network, and always keep the creativity of the website to look too important, but I think now do a good job of domestic sites are basically no good ideas, including the four major portals, including network the game to earn a lot of money, they do not have what unique things, but constantly chasing hot spots, such as Sohu, on a hot chase, has two listed companies, but also the focus of the real estate may be owned by independent listed real estate portal, the game, it is not a hot


Internet users more and more grassroots webmaster is more and more difficult to do

just saw the news that China users exceeded three hundred million, half year growth of forty million, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released here on sixteen, "statistics report" twenty-fourth Chinese Internet development in two, as of 00 June 30th nine, China netizens reached 338000000, Internet users reached 155000000 mobile phone. The report shows that the scale of Internet users and broadband Internet users scale China the rapid growth of the scale of the Internet, ranking first in the world. China users reached 338000000, representing growth of thirteen point four percent to two by the end of eight the first half of 00, an increase of forty million; while the scale of broadband users reached 320000000, the total number of ninety-four percent, an increase of three point seven percentage points compared to two to 00 by the end of eight. Such a huge number of Internet users and amazing growth rate, but it is increasingly difficult for the webmaster.

soft Wen to 'soft' in the material in order to better play the soft value of

A synonym of

soft essentially represents a soft advertising, rather than direct free advertising, product and advertising penetration to the reader's thinking imperceptibly, then different people on the definition of soft Wen is also different, in my opinion, soft everywhere, even including what the newspaper article, even on the big door all in for a brand, a product is soft, but the soft state is relatively high. As the saying goes, first-class products with soft (is not there.), a soft belt QQ, the flow of the three soft with such. Say, although it is not scientific but also not without reason, so the all A5 on the site to see if the buckle on a soft name, in fact, I never did not think to just add a web site article The so-called soft Wen, similarly did not add URL are not necessarily not soft, soft Wen to how to write it! In fact, there are many ways to write text and style, today just want to say, text is soft, can better play the value of the soft.

small webmaster should be how to design and optimize the site keywords

along with the emergence of Seo, making it possible for small companies to compete with the big companies on the Internet, the reason for this is because the search engine will search results will be in accordance with its algorithm

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