Do email marketing run everywhere 13 things to teach you e mail should do


Do email marketing run everywhere 13 things to teach you e mail should do

as a marketing person, a lot of time we spend every day to copy marketing messages, design templates, design a title to attract the attention of the customers, thereby increasing the message click rate.

but at the click of " send " before you have not thought about this problem: your subscribers really can receive your


with the development of science and technology, and now more and more advanced spam filter, the criteria for the evaluation of marketing mail is also more stringent. Most of the time, even if you go the regular program, you have edited copy or spam filters may become a deep hatred of " ". Therefore, in order to allow customers to see your marketing copywriting, you definitely need to know about the misunderstanding of the e-mail marketing.

if these can not convince you, then you can call out the marketing database, look at the recent return on investment (ROI), if the proportion of the investment is greater than the rate of return, then you should take remedial action.

determined to do? So now we have to look at the e-mail marketing should pay attention to it, this article for the second half: 13 things should be done.

13 things you should do when


1) to maintain the timeliness of customer list

even if your user list is all set to allow your mail, if you do not regularly test the validity of the e-mail address, then send out the message is still likely to be marked as " spam ". Of course, you can also check the mail service provider to issue a list of customer complaints to determine whether your contact list is not willing to receive e-mail marketing customers. But there is one thing you need to know: the data provided by the mail service provider, including those who often use the mailbox recipient, does not include those who have not used e-mail for several years. In other words, even if you are sure that your list of customers is not in the ranks of the complaints of the mail service providers, there is no guarantee that the issue of the mail must be received.

it is worth noting that the expired email address is also one of the culprits to make your email blocked. Even if you're on a healthy path, email addresses that haven't been used for years will make you a spam filter. Once you send an email to an invalid email address, it will immediately cause the ability to send mail blocked.

expired email address will cause mail to be bounced back. Once your bounce rate is more than 5%, the content of the mail service provider will send you labeled as spam, you can't expect the customer can easily receive your mail.

that how to organize customer list? First of all, do back to mark the mailbox, open the other side through the mail, click action to identify. Finishing of such machinery can be completed automatically using M1.


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