Tmall double layered exposure Eleven businesses who who eat meat soup


Tmall double layered exposure Eleven businesses who who eat meat soup

According to previously released by Tmall

eleven activity rhythm, 14:00 this afternoon, Tmall officially announced the double eleven auditions. Whether to participate in this year's double eleven carnival, who is who eat meat soup, has been basically determined.

if violation, disqualification

According to

billion state power network to understand, the 3 steps of auditions successfully nominated businesses are required to complete, will eventually become double eleven businesses: set eleven double coupons, signed freight insurance and integrity management commitment if agreement and supplementary information culvert.


, however, Tmall has stressed that the success of Tmall global register for the 2016 double eleven Carnival "businesses, if during the event was terminated because of illegal activities, Tmall will cancel the double 11 shop business qualification activities, the system will automatically cancel the store coupons set threshold, the shop orders will no longer support the use of double 11 coupons to consumers.

billion state power network has learned, in order to improve the overall traffic in 2016 double eleven activity performance, during the event Tmall may be part of the transformation of Tmall store home page, double eleven pages to undertake activities, including but not limited to the new interactive, direct traffic and other function blocks. Businesses need to pay attention to follow up the reasonable layout of the shop.

ranking, a new identity

finalists audition business to billion state power network said that last year's double eleven audition requirements are very strict, this year may be relaxed on the business conditions of the audition, estimates Tmall to allow more small sellers involved, our flagship store is basically a backyard state, sales volume is very low, it can too."


billion state power network to see a new identity - the eleven "double happiness mobilization businesses at the audition results notification page".

The original

, in order to allow more businesses to participate in a ten, Tmall has expanded the scope of investment, increase the "eleven double happiness mobilization businesses" status, mainly for the comprehensive ranking of commercial shops in the industry is on the business.

"eleven double happiness mobilization business" is the only non venue businesses, shops to choose the most competitive of three items in eleven double and eleven double registration activities, not the official pre-sale activities.

for this new identity, a merchant said, happy mobilization businesses can only submit 3 products, obviously is the foil, and the activities of businesses is the real meaning of the activities into the.

business rankings, temporarily released

in addition, Tmall also from the multiple dimensions of the marketing activities of the business registration ranking, for example: businesses and stores brand awareness, activities fit, shop, shop, shop type turnover time, customer price, the store's main categories, the integrity of business conditions (such as nearly 90 days if there is a serious false trading behavior >)

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