2015 electricity supplier trend is an independent mall to create their own brand


2015 electricity supplier trend is an independent mall to create their own brand

electricity supplier, people will think of Taobao, because Taobao is the best proof of the rise of China's electricity supplier. Speaking of the electricity supplier, people will think of the Taobao store, because many people see the people around do Taobao build up the family fortunes. Over the years, Taobao or Taobao, the only Taobao seller, all sellers to join the Taobao team like a swarm of bees. Finally, a series of price war, promotion war, discount war broke out...

a few days ago, Shao Lianhu blog in Alibaba to see an article, called the future trend of independent electricity supplier mall, to create their own brand. When I first saw this title, do a few years of Taobao I have deep feelings, then open the article to see what the article is written in the end. Unexpectedly, I am disappointed that this article is to promote their own mall.

although the soft is mainly to promote their store information, however, but also tell many Taobao small sellers sad. Think about their own experience in the past four years to do Taobao, very touching. So, I also intend to write such an article, talk about their ideas. Now, want to do electricity supplier friends are more and more, their first idea is to open Taobao. However, the opening of Taobao shop is not really the hope of these small sellers. Electricity supplier's hope, only rely on our own to achieve.

Taobao, is no longer the hope of small sellers, the strength of the

when Shao Lianhu first time to know Taobao, Taobao really feel that you can even sell the mall through the network. Looking at a lot of people have earned a lot of money by Taobao, in 2011, I also hope that Taobao, Taobao started.

The Taobao

really applaud ah, open a shop for free, but also not a penny, we can use free of charge. At that time, I made a lot of money by selling QQ, marketing software and website source, I would like to dedicate my life to Taobao.

compared to other pat, Jingdong and other mall, I feel Taobao is better than them, because everyone knows Taobao, but the most important is free. And pat it, I tried to open the shop, have to pay 1000 yuan deposit. I think Taobao well, do not have to pay, or give up the pat shop.

is like since this time last year, Taobao has not released some categories of goods, you must pay a deposit that can only be released, but not pay the deposit, the baby display or release other second-hand goods. I think that Taobao is now forcing everyone to pay Paul?

since you can not release the product can not be released, I will not be issued, since the release of the product is used, is the second-hand. Anyway, Taobao is when there is no, do not sell things do not matter. In this way, Taobao has been not warm not hot in the.

in the first half of this year, I opened three years of Taobao store was permanently sealed, distressed, but how can I do it? I used his wife's identity card to open a Taobao shop, no >

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