A small beauty appliance brand outbreak half a month with the first category


A small beauty appliance brand outbreak half a month with the first category

through differentiated products to build, with the precise delivery of paid traffic, the Korean brand in Panasonic, Pentium and other international home appliance brands stand out.


photon epilators, negative ion blower, ultrasonic vibration cleaning instrument."... In the past year, all kinds of small household electrical appliances have been popular beauty in the network, each Master, reticulocyte evaluation of such products emerge in an endless stream, consumers have paid more attention to the. Reporters in the sea Amoy platform red book search keywords hair removal, product evaluation notes the heat of the top seven are home hair removal instrument.

consumer market is a lively, businesses naturally will not miss a good opportunity. With foreign brands in the market, Coleri Luna set off the beauty of small household appliances after, whether domestic or small and medium-sized enterprises, Matsushita, Pentium and other international brands of home appliances, have jumped into this piece of blue ocean. The relevant data shows that the number of Tmall Taobao beauty equipment category businesses rapidly soaring in 2015, just six months of market size is doubled, the cleansing appliance volume reached 2 billion yuan.


with the tide of China, South Korea beauty equipment brand Ulike also entered the domestic small household appliance market, through differentiated products to create, with accurate delivery of Ali's mother, ran quickly to the forefront of the market of small appliances online beauty. Its launch in China, the first spray automatic hair curler, on-line soon sold 23 million yuan. In addition, Ulike in the first double 11 sales won the product first hair curler.

price war differentiation win

in charge of the Ulike brand Pan Yuping seems that the current homogenization of the domestic online market, beauty products more serious problem, the price war is inevitable. If you want to stand out in a number of similar products, first of all have to make their products and others are not the same, Ulike into the line of the first product is to win by differentiation.

"at that time, the market is a manual hair curler, there is a non spray. Only professional line products such as L'OREAL is a spray." According to Pan Yuping introduced, compared with no spray of the hair curler and plywood, spray design products on the hair damage is smaller. But consumers can only be in the professional barber shop in contact with steam hair salon, the steam concept to join the household hair salon, just poked the consumer in the use of hair salon pain points.

in addition to the steam hair curler, Ulike also out of a burst.

brand through the market investigation found that the photon hair removal products on the market are using horizontal lamp, lamp holder of this disadvantage is that it is not easy, it is difficult to line, such as the human axillary bikinis area hair removed and clean. So the brand will be changed into the product easier to use the vertical and vertical lamp holder, higher safety performance, can effectively prevent the leakage of leakage.

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