Cross border electricity supplier entrepreneurs readme cross border electricity providers to do what


Cross border electricity supplier entrepreneurs readme cross border electricity providers to do what

Confucius taught us that learning proficiency for officialdom, awfully. Today, I will combine some of their own experience, and share how to set up a new foreign trade electricity supplier team. In 2010 the initial sell through just online, I had opened the shop, looking for goods shipped mining goods on the goods one all inclusive, after selling hundred single found a number of profit and me just back, not in my pockets, my life and not because of the digital background and change good, but life is getting tight. That will be my university just graduated, no money in hand, fast sell through the loan policy is not so flexible now, I can not open the flow of funds, shops stopped. And then, I don't do it anymore. So, at the beginning of the article, we need to define the content under discussion, foreign electricity suppliers play a lot, do B2B, do aliexpress Dunhuang count, eBay, Amazon, do Etsy, souq platforms can be considered a small minority, and even the media is now scouring the sea services to cross-border electricity range the. However, these are not familiar with, I have no right to speak. The only thing I can share with you is: self built website of foreign trade B2C, grassroots background, how to set up a new team. Why choose to build an independent website, one, the account receivable is their own, would like to mention. Two, the site is their own, want to change to change. Three, flow cost is their own, so the core of the formation of the team is to solve the marketing problem.

registered company? No need.


from yesterday (March 1st), in the mainland can also be 1 yuan registered company, but this does not mean you have to register a company. If you do not intend to open the bank on the website of the transfer of this collection channels, and even do not need to register as a foreign trade company Off Shore Company. As long as your employees do not compare with you this really, get a business license on the first thing to avoid it, the late business up again not later. The formation of the team, some people have enough ideals.

What kind of person is

looking for?

note that I use the "looking for" people, rather than "recruit" people, hiring is for large companies. In the early days, no one did not have the money did not have a spacious office beauty front, the traditional recruitment channels to attract people to see the empty writing room (there may be two bedroom) on a person you may not dare to work. At this time it is necessary to find someone, before looking for someone, the first step must first know what to look for, in general, are due to things set up posts, according to recruit. Want to independent foreign trade B2C singled out the common background of the following two: one is to have had experience before, two is the traditional trade boss want to shock. Foreign trade electricity supplier and domestic electricity supplier from the post, there is no difference. All need technology, marketing, operations, procurement, logistics, these five functional modules. What about personnel administration finance? Before you make any money, you will have to work hard.

Technology: Grassroots team, their own development from the beginning of their own free, open source cms. Front end design? No, a php programmer is enough

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