Case eMule download site VeryCD will be closed


Case eMule download site VeryCD will be closed

December 14th morning news, a large number of BT video download sites have been closed or active transformation, similar to BT, P2P belong to download eMule download service provider VeryCD said it is such approval results and hope to get a license, but yesterday SARFT "BT website does not solve the piracy cannot reopen the statement, that VeryCD will not be closed the moment.

BT is the abbreviation of BitTorrent, it is popular on the Internet a kind of P2P (point to point) transmission protocol, it is fast download, rich resources and welcomed by users around the world.

and BT similar, is another kind of P2P protocol, VeryCD is available to download services.

domestic BT video download site is only a matter of time

has not been able to obtain a license for audiovisual services, SARFT has now closed more than and 530 audiovisual sites, including some BT sites. Last Friday (December 4th) afternoon, BT download search site BT China Alliance (BTChina) was closed on the Internet is causing a chain reaction. A large number of BT sites recently began to close or transformation.

BT video download website is almost entirely a personal website, they reach the possibility of audiovisual services license requirements of almost zero (for example, the registered capital of thirty million yuan, more than 20 people, staff size related vouchers to purchase copyright), therefore, the industry believes that, regardless of long standing is willing or not, especially after March 1st next year local radio and television departments one by one investigation, domestic BT video download site closed just a matter of time (open a new site is not difficult, do not rule out the new BT video download site has not been sealed case).

even BT video download website all closed, BT as an efficient Internet transmission technology, there will still be living space, will not disappear, such as downloading large files, games, copyrighted movies and TV series, is no longer popular on the internet.

VeryCD can get the license of doubt

relative to the small BT site, download the VeryCD provider has a huge flow of traffic, loyal user base and influence. BT China alliance before the closure is one of the three largest BT video website, and the third party statistics show that the average number of visits per day is 20 times the BT VeryCD China alliance, to the daily average of 5 million independent users; the sustained and transient fault VeryCD last week has caused a great disturbance of public opinion, it is enough to see the influence of VeryCD.

NetEase science and technology, VeryCD is working on the audiovisual service license, but there is no result. VeryCD can be approved, not only for this site, and even the prospects for P2P download in China are essential.

The most pessimistic outcome of

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