Not the same as the Net domain name four Net series under the domain name market


Not the same as the Net domain name four Net series under the domain name market

the latest release of the latest registration data about five major.Com,.Net, domain name.Info,.Org,.Biz,.Com domain names are still in the first place,.Net domain name registration amount of two people recently in the field of.Net domain name domain name transaction active, foreign market.Net domain name trading case, also the domestic domain name trading field.Net domain name is not inferior, then understand the recent dynamic.Net.

common language English domain name.Net


overseas trading on the.Com domain name trading cases are mostly, and in the non.Com domain name transactions,.Net domain name is good. The state capital of.Net domain recently successful sales, Rome domain name to 30000 dollars to nearly 200 thousand yuan trading, domain names registered in May 1995, 16 years have elapsed since the registration time, domain name has been registered in 1997, website operation, website platform for Pension Roma reservation. Earlier, the U.S. city of New York.Net domain name has also been unveiled in front of the public.


car become a means of travel tools, automobile domain becomes the fire domain type, for $170000 about 1 million 100 thousand yuan sales, hit a car on the.Net domain name sales price, at the same time, the domain name is 2011 June non.Com domain name transaction list for most expensive domain name, domain name has been registered in 1995, website operation, website is a kind of automobile information network.

Pinyin and letters under the.Net domain name


Pinyin domain name is the domestic enterprises and the domain name and domain name selection enthusiasts object, enterprise lovers watch.Com, spot for.Net is love, China employment knowledge network recently officially opened the "employment" Larry domain on-line operation, the domain name system platform named Chinese commissioned intermediary platform purchased, domain names registered in 2008, nearly 3 years domain name registration time, wide application, interpretation of "employment" Chinese characters, suitable for graduate employment information website, commercial application of Jiuye or higher, and the old wine, such as "Uncle Chinese characters, wine" Chinese characters Pinyin domain name, suitable for liquor companies and websites.


believe that a lot of people will know Tencent QQ brand, is Tencent all, but not all Tencent, domain name registered in 1997, domain name information

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