Wang Jianlin the richest man why worry


Wang Jianlin the richest man why worry

Wang Jianlin is thinking about something important, an urgent matter.

lost the richest man in the position, become more famous than his son, and Ma Yun gamble 100 million yuan, these may not be too important. It is important that Wanda's business may be in trouble.

Wanda Plaza on behalf of the asset model of a problem. Its original formats become obsolete, the brand is not in the rush to it, because the price is not high, can not be like the past few years that by putting more into the Wanda Plaza low line city sustained growth. Wanda Group as the most important product, it may have more trouble in the future.

bad news is coming. In early January of this year, Wanda decided to close 10 stores accounted for serious losses, the total number of stores 10%, 25 while compressing the ailing department store floor.

Wanda Department store has let Wang Jianlin headache for several years. Consecutive losses, in 2013 is the only one did not complete the growth target of the business, dragged the efforts to seek the listing of Wanda Commercial Real Estate hind legs. Although the group completed the goal set in 2014, but Wang Jianlin still decided to adjust and stop it.

Wanda Department met the department store industry facing the whole problem: the economic slowdown hit consumer confidence in 2012, Chinese GDP first did not achieve 8% growth; multi channel dispersion Department of people, according to Ellis in the second half of 2013 "in the evolution of the Chinese retail trade pattern" report, down to in 2012 5.7% the total number of stores stores accounted for the proportion of the number of chain stores since 2002 2.3%; instead of the emergence of convenience stores, discount stores, supermarkets, warehouse clubs and other new retail formats; of course, the impact of online shopping network consumption accounted for the total retail sales of consumer goods rose from 2013 to 1.1% in 2008 7.8%.

caused by foreign aggression constantly at the same time in the environment, Wanda Department also face many troubles". Wanda Plaza and Wanda Department Store merchants will have a lot of overlap, more than 60% of clothing, not easy to adjust. At the same time, the more you go to the lower tier cities, the greater the pressure on your investment, some of the international fast fashion brands do not necessarily go with you, it should take into account the local spending power, as well as the local fashion match. If there is no ZARA, H&, M these brands, then Wanda and other no difference." Vice president and general manager of Shanghai Liang Qi before Smith Barney Brand Management Limited Cheng Weixiong told the "Daily" curiosity.


ZARA and other fast fashion brands are no longer blindly shop expansion

these closed or compressed stores are concentrated in Ningbo, Dongguan, Yixing, Wuhu, such as two >

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