Site crossroads is to insist on or give up


Site crossroads is to insist on or give up


for several overnight stop to modify the site, suddenly feel rather baffling upset, before the passion suddenly disappear, especially after a big fight with wife, even myself, is to stick to his original dream, or stop hand, cancel the plan to go to other places to work,


for two years, I continued to operate a station in our hometown, all including all the website code, are their own lines of code. My hometown is a small city of three city, but I make this website do now this point, it is not easy. A daily average of about 1200 IP PV per day, more than 10000 registered more than 8000 people, the average daily is more or less about nearly 20 new members.

unfortunately, what is the use of a lot of time and energy are wasted on the top, at the same time is the home of the Internet, many people know their names. What about the money? No money, no cushion.

I'm a married man, than those unmarried passion webmaster, to have children. I came out of the company alone for a year, did not go to work, all day long in my Wugang Occasionally can only rely on some of the villagers to take care of, to some enterprise website and I do, is barely enough to live on their own. But the wife and son?

wife noisy nature is her reason, although all my savings before I gave her, now will be out of business, never reached out to the money to her, and have some income, but also a lot of nothing in her hand. But she was so noisy, but also for the future of the day. How can I blame her.

I do Wugang network in the process of finding a level three city where fellow record net, feel very few. So also toss to form a team to be a local fellow book website alliance. Of course, other members are amateur nature, full-time can not afford.

Speaking of

Network Construction Association recorded, seems to have some strength. My idea is to imitate the Wugang net this pattern, with local fellow members recorded data, collecting local information, for a small local classified information, local business section, also can for a boss when cadastral business, get a small bar at will. Of course, everything is recorded with fellow member data as the basis to do, there is no member, other are false.

has a certain number of members, a small area of the station, although there are news, literature, and column classification, local businesses, chambers of Commerce, is relatively large and all, but he always in just a small area three mainland city. Wugang people can do this scale, it is very successful. But if to join forces and local webmaster, do dozens of similar small areas like Wugang station, and then the whole Union, a big fellow record, ha ha, should also be when the meal >

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