130 to sleep is not a webmaster


130 to sleep is not a webmaster

has recently been learning SEO and technical optimization of knowledge, not previously understood, now hungry to fill!

is more than 12 now! Estimated to be busy for more than 1 hours to sleep!

I don't think many of the owners in China are sleeping! Like me, in a desperate propaganda and management of their own station!

so now 12 people fall asleep, certainly not engage in the site, certainly not engage in IT

I have been dubbed IT migrant workers, migrant workers, I think it is true, not too much!

goes to work every morning, after work, home to open the computer,

get your own website.

has been busy until 1:00 in the morning, busy until 2:50 last night before going to bed!

China of migrant workers is such, hard working, busy from morning to night. Don't know tired

each webmaster, are so full of passion, full of passion, full of dreams in their own website

no matter how big the site, no matter how small the site, no matter how ugly the site, or very good

are all of our small webmaster of all the efforts, really more than their own children to take care of!

really good hard! Everyone sees only the glorious side of a successful web site, without knowing the hard side of it!

personally believe that in the network to be successful, more than a few hundred times more difficult than in traditional industries

because of the competition in the traditional industry is localized, and the network is a national competition! Competition for talent across the country!

chocolate has engulfed many webmaster efforts! Since their website after

I did not watch TV, I did not go out on the weekend to play well, every night is to give their own station!

beat the words on the keyboard every day, writing the Internet users do not like the publicity articles, whether or not like, you need to write!


does not write, money online without what too big development, accounting will be the rapid development of network free!

Chinese Internet users enjoy the free service at the same time, we must bear in mind that those behind the fierce competition to promote small adsense!

is precisely their efforts to compete, so that most of China's Web site is free! Who pay attention to our small owners of these desperate?

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