nternet O2O will not be a bubble


nternet O2O will not be a bubble

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in the Internet, many traditional industries have to keep pace with the times, followed by the Internet to do some renovation, but there's no doubt that o2o is a bridge of traditional industries and the Internet standards, at the same time the transformation power to traditional industry power and pressure, entrepreneurs can fall over each other, seemingly prosperous scene joy and sorrow? Can be just a


at present, the traditional service industry into the field of O2O in high speed growth, including tourism, entertainment, catering, real estate, education, home economics, transportation, wedding and so on, to bring a new experience for the user, but in the process of users to enjoy the entrepreneur is more of a sense of crisis, and every field is dig out someone would quietly observe and reserve energy in the back, waiting for the best time to join the competition. Because each of the traditional service industry O2O push Chen Xindu will be a new challenge, there is no good strategy, we are constantly exploring to seize the market, and this war, entrepreneurs really go for a foam feast or just to be time selection and formation of


before the bubble has not broken, we do not know, but the speed is too fast, there will inevitably be worried. In the early years of the "thousand group war", the network group purchase too many to count at Zaguomaitie only for victory, but those who have failed and what is scarred enterprise? With vigour and vitality after finally survive enterprise trump card, just let people see light suddenly, when the war could not survive or try desperately to keep financing, and not to want to turn a direction, a plunge in the bubble heap, quietly waiting for burst, come to think of it, this is obviously a pit, but also wayward to jump in, because the group purchase mode is Datong small differences, the fight is not what special strategy, but economic strength. Another important reason is: O2O not only

group purchase!

, in the O2O market, but also the interpretation of a "Car Wars", all kinds of taxi software without mercy, including taxi drops, UBER, tick carpool and so on, for the user, and the trick, the driver high subsidies, the user first free single user to share free single, the rivals seems ratio see who is willing to throw money, the user must belong to he. In the user's view, no matter how the enterprise dispute does not matter, which is convenient and affordable, which love. Such a strategy which can not stand up, it will become the last loser. Tick carpooling is typical failure example, beginning to carry out actively, but each round of war in the thought of taking this small Italy win, the size range became smaller and smaller in manpower and technology try to think about financing, already too late, had lost to the taxi O2O market. Looks like a taxi market full of prospects, when companies need to rely on the cost of support, and users can no longer enjoy the benefits before the taxi market is also a recession, right?

look at the domestic o2o market, the largest number of supporters to Google, as the Internet giant, ready to open

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