Alibaba frequent acquisition of domain name cited suspicion


Alibaba frequent acquisition of domain name cited suspicion

domain name is the ultimate value of domain name applications. The domain name investors, the biggest hope is that the enterprise terminal or individual to buy the domain name or even high. Recently, Alibaba frequently low-key acquisition related domain name, the domain name registration name is not a Alibaba, not publicly, most of the acquired domain are not enabled, this a layer of suspense color domain to acquire the authenticity of mongolia. Most investment is different.

frequent acquisition of related domain low-key move actually paving the way for the future

Alibaba, as China's largest Internet company and the world's second largest Internet company, in recent years with the rapid development of posture. Previously, Ma on practicing the year venture, the company will be built in 102 years of rhetoric foundation, since 99 years of the date across the 3 century. The person of speculation, these Alibaba acquisitions is actually a rainy day, in order to "third Century" lay "foundation".

It is reported that

, Alibaba last year acquired the domain name created extending from Taobao's "online wholesale market" and its acquisition of Alipay, Ali Wangwang and other chat tools related to the domain name service. Subsequently, the Alibaba to apply for registration Ali series of trademarks, the domain name of the application for trademark related domain name is mostly held by investors. In March this year, according to the domain name forum broke the news, Alibaba acquired domain name two domain names, the purchase price is unknown, two domain names have not yet been enabled. However, soon after, there are friends broke the news, Alibaba's acquisition of hitao related domain name Taobao, hey Amoy channel will enable independent domain name.

although Alibaba frequently broke the acquisition of related domain names, but this is not a positive response to Alibaba, the acquisition of a large number of domain names have not yet been enabled. But it is undeniable that the domain name has officially at the Alibaba "online wholesale market";, domain name has Alipay as protection to domain; as a "Hi! Amoy" channel independent domain name. Every Alibaba involved in a new business, the domain name as the primary strategy, we can see the domain name in the future is optimistic about the situation, the domain name investment market is a huge potential.

domain name registration is still an enterprise behavior close to the market into a domain name trading booster

part of the investor's acquisition of the domain name is not related to the public position to speculate that the Alibaba, Alibaba recently acquired the relevant domain name may be acquired by the internal staff of Alibaba. Alibaba as China's largest Internet company, its employees are also the majority of the company has Internet knowledge, the concept of the domain name is not unfamiliar.

previously, there are domain name forum users broke the news, Alibaba acquisition Amoy series of related domain names, domain name, taobangpai.c>

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