Analysis on the combination mode of socialization and business


Analysis on the combination mode of socialization and business

1 we are concerned about social and business combination mode, in fact the way will be varied, only the nets do one, which should be concerned, not what is right or wrong, the pattern is without precedent, but the road is definitely out of the.

I agree with

2 Si Jian view, of course, more people may not understand, in fact, the intention is to consumers (social marketing value), into the most concentrated consumer place (also known as Taobao), can the social marketing real value amplification, and this part is the core of the only Iraqi network.

3 on the Internet but also do the community and do B2C, many people can not understand, many people are talking about the pressure of profit, in essence, is not the case. If consumers are often in a mixed community, when the community to provide the corresponding product sales platform, based on user's trust and rely on, will pay, only the nets B2C just in order to validate the combination with B2C community is relatively feasible, this is the first step of our development, but not the last step.

4 we know who are our customers, is the brand, rather than the dealer channel, so it also determines why we do it, even if it is only the nets B2C, see now, is not necessarily the truth.

5 because we do is the vertical field, so we will do more and more deep, more and more close to the industrial chain, and even changes in the industrial chain, so the generalized seeing no way that the vertical field, like a fence, when only up, everyone said how this pattern, not up when they cannot read.

6 only the nets do, more and more close to the business, the Internet is a part of the business, only big business, will become a model, or a basket case.

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