Tesco official Laox has become the largest foreign home appliance stores Chinese


Tesco official Laox has become the largest foreign home appliance stores Chinese

has a space for one person in Japan occupied large appliance stores in Laox (Le Goushi) in the 2000s downturn, 2009 was the largest home appliance business Chinese Suning Appliance (now Su ningyun group) close to the arm. Now, under the leadership of President Luo Yiwen, Laox is working to adjust the business structure, opening branches in china. In the Sino Japanese relations deteriorated to the shadow of the company's business situation, Laox still hopes to build a bridge between China and Japan business. In an interview with reporters recently, Luo president introduced the company's business strategy.

- what is the purpose of Suning's acquisition of Laox, whether it was the result of the original vision?

Suning acquired Laox in order to seek Japanese goods, talent, business experience and business partners through Laox. But the Laox was just a sign". We start with a negative state. At that time there was only a few shops, and the vast majority of loss. If only the Japanese shops, the future is hopeless. Suning capital injection can not be achieved, so we have to re build the business.

- what are the business details of building a business?

basically consists of three important parts. The first is tax-free business. We are vigorously developing duty-free shops for Chinese tourists. In the case of Japan's population decline, even the Japanese domestic shops, but also to the global market for development. In recent years, in Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Okinawa and Osaka and other overseas tourists gathered in the region, we have basically completed the duty-free shop network.

second stores in china. Suning itself is China's largest home appliance business, Laox is also the identity of the Japanese home appliance manufacturers to enter China, in 2012 a year opened about 10 stores, and are 5000 square meters to more than 10 thousand square meters of large stores. In the current Chinese market, Laox has become the largest foreign appliance shopping malls. The best buy (Best Buy) has been withdrawn from the market Chinese. Amata electrical (Yamada motor) only a few shops.

third is a trade intermediary business. We intend to be a channel between China and japan. Specifically, is to bring the Japanese goods to China, while in Japan, China made wholesale home appliances. In addition, we also introduce Chinese business partners to Japanese retailers who are interested in entering china. We believe that in the above three pillars, the most promising development of intermediary business.

no doubt about long-term growth

- the deterioration of Sino Japanese relations is worrying the business.

Laox is a company between China and Japan, of course, will be affected. Although our business scale is doubling every year, but due to the impact of the deterioration of Sino Japanese relations, as well as the relationship between pre investment, there is no profit.


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