Baidu to raise the Commission to compete for the share of Taobao owners want to vote for 1 billion


Baidu to raise the Commission to compete for the share of Taobao owners want to vote for 1 billion

if the server after Google moved to Hongkong, Baidu can enjoy its share, too optimistic -- scenario seems to do so, it is difficult to understand why Baidu to its revenue more to his partner.

April 27th, Zhu Dachen, general manager of Baidu alliance at the annual meeting of the company's annual meeting of the participants in the conference announced the news: to be divided into 10% percentage points to increase the proportion of alliance partners to 15%.

this is not a decision made without a sense of crisis. Although Baidu's explanation is the former Baidu alliance partners do not pay enough attention, in fact, this is not a contest between search engines, but on the Internet advertising carrier - the owner of the race.

his opponents have moved Baidu's most important piece of cheese, the alliance partner. In April 21st, Tencent has also set up a search search alliance, but has not yet announced a specific and webmaster cooperation rules.

April 8th, from the beginning of the brewing Taobao alliance officially surfaced. And some owners are considering adding. They consider more in addition to a higher proportion, the results of controllability, transparency is also an important consideration.

of course there are also some Adsense decision ", although Taobao Let's wait and see" the highest proportion of alliance is less than 90% Google, but more than Baidu, but underestimated the potential of Baidu advertisers.



in short, Baidu alliance is a collection of Web sites, in these cooperation sites, will be added to the Baidu code, visitors to visit the code, the cooperation of these sites will be able to get income.

The importance of the Baidu

business has been increasing, which not only among the 35 Vanguard Alliance partners from Baidu amount can be seen from the alliance advertising accounted for the proportion of the total income of Baidu can also be evidence. 2008 Baidu alliance partners about 400 million yuan, in 2009 increased to RMB 690 million. Analysys International analyst Li Zhi said that with these advertising alliance partners bring to Baidu for Baidu's total revenue also increased from 25% in 2008 to nearly 30%.

2009, Baidu search promotion of alliance cooperation into the policy to make adjustments, to determine the proportion of the main basis is no longer divided into daily search volume, but a comprehensive consideration of the forms of cooperation, the scale and flow quality, cooperation and alliance certification by many factors such as system adjustment.

over the past year, a number of webmasters found the site traffic growth, but from the Baidu alliance is divided into decline.


obviously has its own plans for the alliance, the original advertising is no longer the search alliance, Baidu hopes to develop it as a "media platform", from Baidu to bring more influence to change the flow, enhance the proportion is >

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