Taobao com invested 100 million yuan has been blocked 9834 selling fake shop this year


Taobao com invested 100 million yuan has been blocked 9834 selling fake shop this year

            November 19th news, as Asia's largest online retail platform, Taobao bear the responsibility for the creation of a healthy consumer shopping environment for 145 million consumers.

The Taobao platform

in order to maintain a good shopping environment, decided to set up a special team to crack down on illegal counterfeiting, and selling shops at the same time, invested 100 million yuan to support the anti-counterfeiting campaign and built a secure online shopping rights platform.

fake is a malignant credit behavior. As a domestic leading consumer Internet platform, Taobao has been committed to the establishment of anti-counterfeiting process and perfect system, including a series of initiatives to machine investigation, investigation, report and artificial page and manufacturers etc.. At the same time, from the beginning of 2005 established "Xianhengpeifu", "7 days no reason to return", "lost three" and "describe" series of consumer protection, influence from transactions to curb fake goods to consumers. Taobao will start the whole network shopping security plan in the year, in the Taobao store shopping once consumers encounter any product quality problems and the seller communication, can use online shopping security fund Xianxingpeifu for consumers.

              online network ( was informed that in April this year, established health care access system, all sales in the Taobao online health care products must have the approval of the State Food and drug administration to hit the shelves; at the end of September, for all the book must be allowed into the ISBN encoding library shelves, and from February next year, will require Taobao books / magazines / newspapers category the seller access rules, requiring all sellers to provide books "publication business certificate", which from one hand to eliminate the fake appear on the network.

in fact, anti-counterfeiting work efficiency is quite high.

in 2009, only a cosmetics category, the average monthly shelves of more than 100 thousand pieces of counterfeit goods, and brand owners or law enforcement agencies only need to provide the full proof, will be the first time to make fake". In Nike, for example, in 2008 to help Nike Taobao 16 times to deal with counterfeit goods, shelves of goods up to 488360. From this year's new year's day to the present, Taobao clean up fake brand goods 1946588, freezing ban fake shop 9834. initiative 145 million Taobao users immediate action, launched a nationwide crackdown on the war, in the hope that a new round of anti-counterfeiting campaign, network consumer market participants, consumer network platform to build, maintain the market economic order and other multi power through effective integration of Taobao network, thus forming the consistency of rights power, to jointly promote the integrity of the consumer market.

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