Today’s headlines with Baidu tricks close to Baidu but the ceiling has now


Today’s headlines with Baidu tricks close to Baidu but the ceiling has now

Abstract: today's headlines traffic aggregation, distribution mode and brutal growth of Baidu like. But once the entrance to the Internet after the PC, Baidu has no trouble at home, but today's headlines is not the case.


Robin Li's speech in the 6000 words in the new year internal frankly mentioned "content distribution", would inevitably fall into a reverie: This is to today's headlines to declare war rhythm? You know, content distribution has been a banner headline today held the first place in today's headlines are already sitting on the content distribution the one with the commander.

Robin Li is at today's headlines, headlines are because of the suddenness of a thunderbolt out of Baidu's corner. The advertising revenue shift: 2016 obvious to people third quarter, Baidu's advertising revenue growth for the first time, down 6.7%, and today's headlines 2016 before the three quarter has exceeded 6 billion of the annual target, the annual revenue is expected to nearly ten billion.

Although today's headlines

income size is less than 1/6 of Baidu, but the sharp growth is not to be underestimated Robin Li.

accept the "financial" magazine depth interview as early as last year, Zhang Yiming, there are commentators pointed out that he and Robin Li in the path of success in some similarities, it signs the next Robin Li.

in fact, today's headlines suddenly appeared in front of the battlefield general advance secretly by an unknown path of Baidu, let Robin Li Mingdi army mobilization, in addition to the acquisition of a drum, the change from the PC to the Internet to the mobile Internet era and the information flow of logic, but also because of today's headlines reproduced many of Baidu old tricks.

like "no Wei Wu Hui in today's headlines" menace from the rear and said: the algorithm contents of the mobile terminal distribution, today's headlines trend has become a competitor, it is more accurate than the 10%, are of no use. Like Sogou, 360 even more accurate search results than Baidu, still can not shake the status of Baidu in the search field.

however, as Baidu monopoly entrance on PC Internet status, today's headlines in the leading position in the field of content distribution is not a vacuum, traffic is their lifeline, only two ways to obtain completely different, logically but are interlinked.


in addition to the "Gengdong Chinese" and the "wall" that assists, for each Internet users are familiar with, cannot do without Zhou Hongyi called rogue software Baidu toolbar (Baidu's) and 3721, hao123 credit, that time is the scene at the top of the browser the rogue software battle of wits later, 360, the Tencent of the future after being have to start the browser, but also to occupy the entrance higher than the search engine priority.

but at the same time, have the advantage of Baidu has occupied the entrance of people's mind.

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