The consumer pension money Shanghai site suspected MLM checked


The consumer pension money Shanghai site suspected MLM checked


currently, Shanghai imperial family's "I love my buy site in the country has more than 7 agents, more than 5 of consumers. Cao Jianhua promised to consumers through consumption rebate form, to achieve a personal pension plan. Liu Jianping cartography


Cao Jianhua, born in 1955, the famous beauty brand "Joffre" founder. 2007 began to engage in e-commerce, is arrested on suspicion of pyramid schemes.

Morning Post reporter Li Wei

Intern Liu Zhujun Jiacheng pool

suspected of MLM organization, the original founder, now Shanghai Xiafei imperial family company chairman Cao Jianhua has been police criminal arrest, and plans in the middle of this month was transferred to the procuratorate. Although the case is still controversial in many aspects, but part of electronic commerce website one concept, it exposed the false advertising and other issues, but it is worth regulators and consumer alert.

well-known entrepreneurs arrested for pyramid schemes

"Cao was arrested." In April 11th, Shanghai imperial family company employees through various channels to convey this information only 5 words. On the evening of the same day, several police officers from Shanxi Linfen City Public Security Bureau, to the imperial family is located in Huangpu District Suzhou Road south of the office, the company chairman Cao Jianhua.

"did not say the reason, said to assist in the investigation." The imperial family and a staff revealed to the post reporter.

57 year old Cao Jianhua is the first batch of entrepreneurs after the reform and opening up. Since 1984, Cao has founded "Joffre" and "ollice" and other well-known brands of cosmetics. In 2007, Cao Jianhua will work to the electronic commerce, the imperial family company incorporated in Shanghai with 10 million yuan of funds, and set up a "I love my buy shopping website. The site to sell beauty, health products.

according to the data provided by the imperial family, now I love my buy website registered more than 180 thousand active users. The site can stand out in many e-commerce sites, thanks to its implementation of the so-called consumer pension program. Cao Jianhua has explained in public, the promotion of consumer pension refers to the consumer in the purchase of a company's products, the company will return to the proportion of profits to consumers. Consumers may view these returns as their pension funds.

to achieve this one of his plans, Cao Jianhua launched the so-called "consumer pension contract" on its website, if the annual commitment of consumers to buy a certain number of products in the website, you can enjoy a 12% rebate, spending 10 years to cash. In order to attract more consumers to participate in the short term, Cao Jianhua has also launched an agent system. As long as consumers pay 10 thousand yuan to become the imperial family's three agents, three agents can attract more people to join the party.

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