Hao123 twelve for the first time on the left side of the revised resource navigation


Hao123 twelve for the first time on the left side of the revised resource navigation

October 10th, Baidu's largest website in China Hao123.com new home today quietly on the line. This is the first time since 1999 Hao123 12 years since the establishment of a larger scale revision.


Hao123 version of the biggest change is to increase the resources on the left navigation

According to

, the new version of Hao123 changes mainly in the left columns here, the film and television drama, games, music, lottery, group purchase, practical query and so on the most obvious location, there is a section of the hot link behind each column. As entering the "TV drama" this column, you can see a list of the hit TV series, and the video website of TV drama resources do polymerization, users simply click on the pictures you can directly enter the player page, can also choose to watch online video site.


Hao123 site navigation into the era of resource navigation

The impact of the new version of Hao123

revision is worth pondering. For the film and other popular content resource class aggregation, to a certain extent, improve the site entry threshold, increase the difficulty of replication. Although in the short term, the site belongs to the strong operation of the industry, relying on their own channels to promote access to a certain market share, but it belongs to the skill level approach. The go2000 website is "security software to kill almost completely routed, is an example.

limited resources for many small site stand, no doubt faces enormous competition pressure from industry giants. Apart from the competition level, the user speed for the entrance of the site close to the harsh demands, poor interoperability and reason between domestic operators to deploy a national user access fast web site bandwidth investment cost is very high. The site is no longer 32 servers can play forward, after the hustle and bustle of the site into the contention of a hundred schools of thought, the oligopoly competition stage.

in the hands of a similar video resources for the site, the content aggregation Hao123 will bring them new opportunities, and thus achieve a win-win situation.

Hao123 responsible for this revision, Tian Xiaomeng posted a message on Hi, "Hao123 change has just begun, we will always put the needs of users in the first place, listening to the voice of the user from the front line, continue to introduce new and innovative products".

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